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Print press monitoring

Our experts monitor over 600 national, regional and foreign print media outlets daily. Specialized and niche media, as well as lifestyles, are also on our monitoring list.

Our services include:

Regular monitoring of the print press according to any given criteria (key words, sectors, companies, competitors, personalities, brands, etc.).

Monitoring of events
Follow-up monitoring of the press after PR campaigns, distribution of press releases, organization of promotional events and press conferences.

Retrospective monitoring
Monitoring of business titles, the general and political press, specialized editions and lifestyles, according to a selected subject within a particular period in the past.

Advertisement monitoring, providing answers to the following questions:

  • which market players appear in the press and what the citation rate is;
  • which titles are seen as targets for different market segments;
  • how the budgets of the market players are distributed among the press titles;
  • which formats and layouts of ads are used by major market players;
  • how big the conducted advertising campaigns are (coverage volume, frequency, etc.).

Press clippings delivery

  • Digital reports in following formats: Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint based on either our standard template or the one provided by a customer;
  • frequency of the status report – online, twice a day, daily at any given time, weekly/monthly, etc.;
  • presented as a Microsoft Word document and/or scanned clippings;
  • supported with the summary in Ukrainian, Russian or English;
  • overall information on a summary sheet.

We are ready to recommend you the best ranking of your target media outlets.
The press list is flexible and could be updated if you decide to add another title. We will include it into the monitoring list at your request.

Online media monitoring

The Internet has become an integral part of our life, being a powerful communication channel. Therefore, it is important to keep abreast of developments, follow up news and opinions, which appear mainly in the Ukrainian online segment.

The number of newsfeeds is rising constantly. We monitor them for you to receive the most comprehensive data published by business, political, specialized, thematic, social, and other sources on the Web.

We offer continuous, time-bound or retrospective monitoring of news portals, according to any given criteria (keywords, company names, competitors, brands, etc.).

Our reports are full-length texts of news reports (articles) and/or hyperlinks to the primary information sources.

The clippings can be presented in screenshots.

On demand, the information can be sorted out by date or statistics of hyperlinks to the primary sources, etc.

At your request, a monitoring list of online outlets can be limited to the most visited, trustworthy sources, or expanded with niche websites, according to a subject of interest, geography, etc.

Before delivery, the automatically collected information is verified by editors, who check compliance with the subject, thus excluding junk materials or eliminating the so-called "information noise" when necessary.

TV and radio monitoring

The TV Monitoring Department provides a timely and comprehensive digest of TV and radio broadcasts ranged by subjects, keywords, etc., with a full text transcript of all clips and stories or their brief summary.

We regularly monitor newscasts of 18 Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations, as well as the separate programs on demand.

The list of TV and radio channels can be extended upon request.

At a customer's request, we provide monitoring video/audio reports on a CD or a DVD. The reports can be also sent to the customer by email (in compressed form) or posted on an FTP server.

Digests and reviews

The Digest is an information product that contains brief summaries and theses of articles, or provides concise contents of the most interesting publications on a particular subject over a certain period of time.

This format is used for reviewing major news on particular subjects, the most popular publications and expert assessments, as well as for tracking competitors' activity and legislative initiatives.

The Digest is available in the original language or in English.

You will get only the most needed and important information every day/week/month, avoiding information glut.

If necessary, our staff will prepare overviews on selected subjects for a particular period of time.

Content analysis

The Monitoring Department is capable of conducting comprehensive research of newsfeeds from different mass media.

Using our own monitoring findings, we are ready to track data by different factors – from a citation rate to the qualitative indicators of information.

Applying innovative tools and methods, our staff evaluates trends and developments in any market segment, analyzes the frequency of publications, their tonality, subjectivity, format, and content. They compare the quantitative and qualitative positioning of our customers and their competitors; newsworthy information and channels of communication; analyze the citation of brands in the mass media, the activity and reputation of a company's employees in the media, as well as the effectiveness of competitors' PR campaigns.

The results of the analysis are presented in tables, charts and graphs, and contain the final conclusions drawn by our experts.

Translation services

We offer companies with foreign management the services of translation of selected publications.

Experienced translators will translate articles on any subject into English, or from English into Ukrainian/Russian within the agreed deadline.

Articles could be translated in full or selectively. We can also submit their summaries in English at your request.

Contact Information
  • Media Monitoring Department
  • Head
    Liudmyla Hudym
  • Deputy Head
    Olha Zabrotska
  • Sales Manager
    Olena Kuklina
  • Тел. +38 044 354 28 06 (вн. 3852)
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    40 Frunze St., Kyiv

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