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The mass media monitoring services which the UNIAN Information Agency offers can help our customers keep track of numerous newsfeeds, receive needed information on time, and get abreast of the latest developments.
Our Agency has been working on the mass media monitoring market since 1995, daily delivering requested necessary information to our customers – Ukrainian and foreign companies, government agencies, political organizations and NGOs, PR and media agencies. Over these 20 years, the Agency has implemented more than 1,000 projects for over 500 customers.

We monitor and analyze information published by Ukrainian national and local press, as well as foreign media outlets, specialized press, online media; distributed by news agencies; posted in social networks and blogs; and broadcast by TV and radio companies. The total number of monitored media outlets exceeds 5,000.

When cooperating with us, our clients can:

  • receive prompt reports on news about them in the press and the feedback in social networks;
  • quickly react to unexpected situations, prevent spread of untrue information and adjust the perception of news;
  • get news on competitors' activities and grasp the general situation on the market;
  • obtain structured monitoring reports and high-quality analytical products on selected subjects;
  • save costs on subscription to the mass media;
  • use their working hours more effectively without wasting time on personal search for needed information.


Why do we stand out from the competition on the media monitoring market? We are:

A customer gets only the needed information, as all the found data undergo manual control on compliance with a selected subject. Ready clippings and high-quality analytical reports are delivered at a customer's convenience.

It is the customer who decides on a search list of key words and/or the mass media to be monitored, the frequency of reports, the language of them, the rubrics in them, the time of delivery, the need to have news summarized and/or translated, i.e. the customer can regulate the service format and prices.

Our information is easy to use because we provide it meeting your requirements for the format, rubrics, graphic design and other important details.

For you to feel the benefits of our products, we are ready to render free trial monitoring services to you for 1-5 days.

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  • Media Monitoring Department
  • Head
    Liudmyla Hudym
  • Deputy Head
    Olha Zabrotska
  • Sales Manager
    Olena Kuklina
  • Тел. +38 044 354 28 06 (вн. 3852)
    +38 067 708 31 65
    40 Frunze St., Kyiv

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